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Rock Dog 2016

When the radio from heaven falls into the hands of big eyes Tibetan Great Dane, he leaves home to make his dream, play music, set the course of a series of completely unexpected events.

He won on the true story of two young men based, David Packouz and Diveroli Ephraim, or $ 300 million contract with the Pentagon to take over America’s allies in Afghanistan.

Director: Todd Phillips

Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Stephen Chin screenplay Todd Phillips

Stars: JonahHill, Milesteller, SteveLantz

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | war

Country: United States

Language: English | Arab | Albanian | Romanian


In any case, it is our source is not 1080p, it raised an individual website and Titan rip a small streaming file, and re-encoding on and released. And so Titan guy is a digital sound. Thx 4 had parts tonight

Rotate, crop, zoom, reduce, brightness, contrast, RGB, and some of the shit I do not shareBlah and use audio line, a little bass and melody, and then synchronized niektóreEsej complete movie. out

The funniest thing that kills the smoking and drugs warning when you see someone smoking I cut it when I thought F that some kids must learn to kill drug! So some lessons

I love this movie Jonah Hill Since hardly believing, but the truth still need to see well


Enjoy it!


P / S: No water

Video: AVC 2567kbps720x304@ 25fps

Audio: MP3 @ 192kbps Digital audio


Signatures: English + Angielski encodes foreign

Source: thx bud!

Example: incldued

Encoder: CPG

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